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DC Pets: Batdog To The Rescue


Look!, it's a's a plane, no it's Batdog?



This project is not base on anything, but the Batdog and superdog design are from Lego Batman 3 the video Game. The project contains a kryptonite prison, Lexdog's kryptonite robot and Batdog's batglider. Also this project comes with three minifigures, Batdog, Lexdog and Superdog. I know Lex Luthor's pet is known to be a iguana, but I decided to make it a dog instead. Lexdog's robot has two kryptonite missile and you can open the kryptonite windshield. The robot has an other kryptonite windshield covering the kryptonite power source that's on the body, the windshield piece doesn't  connected to the body, it just hold in to place. When shot, the windshield flies off, giving Batdog the chance to shut off the robot and save the day. The kryptonite prison can be open by the top of the prison. Batdog's batglider has two missiles, and with the missiles you can shoot off Lexdog's robot windshield to get to the power source.



Lexdog has captured Superdog in a kryptonite prison and need Batdog help. Build Batdog's batglider and help him get to Superdog, but watch out for lexdog's kryptonite missiles.


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