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Treasure Hunt

Devo, Ango and Junko found a cave! Want explore with them? why did i built this? I made this project because i love lego. I was building and i thought: This will be a great set! So i improved it a bit. Made some more figures added some details, and now i think it looks amazing! what's it all about? It's a (somewhat little) set, were the 3 creatures (ango, devo and junko) found a cave. Devo is mostly made out of Black bricks, Ango is made out of white and black bricks. Junk is made out of all sorts of parts. The build is made on a green baseplate, with all sorts of sand plates as ground and in the back the cave. why is this a potential set? I think this is a potential set because of the play features and the cool figures. (It's also cool for display in your room) I'm 13 and i have approval from my parents.

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