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Grandpa Plays Video Games

What is going on here?!

My grandpa was a man of many eccentricities. Chief among them was that he loved playing video games, even more than me. He loved them so much that he was known to sometimes take his game console and a small television with him to his favorite restaurants so that he could continue his gaming while eating a nutritious lunch! With this build, you will find a lovingly detailed diorama of a man of similar stature to my grandpa preparing to enjoy some quality game time at one of his favorite restaurants.

But Why?

It probably goes without saying, but I loved my grandpa. When I was a young girl we used to play with our LEGO together and one of our favorite activities was to build fun dioramas of our family in fun and even silly situations. Unfortunately for us all, some years ago, my grandpa passed away. For a while I was struggling with just how I would come to terms with his passing, and eventually I decided to create this wonderful diorama to honor his memory.

Who is this for?

This build is for anyone out there who has lost a loved one. It's for anyone out there who loves to celebrate the wonderful, whimsical world in which we live. It's also for anyone who wants to remember what it was like to eat out at restaurants! In fact, this lovely piece would be a stunning addition to anyone's collection.

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