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Tuscan House


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          This is my 3-story Tuscan House! I built this house in LDD hoping to get my hands on the parts to build it in real life one day. I would love to see this be made into an actual Lego set, because I've always wished Lego would make a fully equipped and enclosed house that had things like a bathroom, multiple bedrooms, a kitchen, and furniture. I made this house to include all of those things, and then some. Here is a list of it's features:

          Realistic design.

          Architectural details.


          Removeable roof and seperable floors.

          Partially in-ground basement.

          A rec room in basement.

          Door with steps to outside from basement.

          Interior stairs.

          Four walls.

          Tall ceilings; six studs in basement, nine studs on main floor, seven studs on third floor.

          Realistic flooring; hardwood, carpet, tile.

          Two bedrooms, including a master with an en-suite.

          2 bathrooms, one of which is connected to the master.

          Open floor plan. 

          Fully equipped kitchen with sink, stove, and fridge.

          Built-in dining table with benches.

          Sleek furnishings in all rooms, including couches, beds, chairs, and several TVs

          Reading nook on third floor.

          Private master with balcony.

          2264 pieces used.

          This house is made to look as if it is very old with a lot of character and has been recently remodeled. I spent over a month working on this project and getting it to perfection, and I hope that others will enjoy seeing this and want to see it made into an actual Lego set as much as I do.         






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