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Wallace & Gromit: The BunnVac 6000


“Champion sucker, eh, Gromit!”

Besides Wallace & Gromit themselves, this set features The BunnVac 6000 from Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit, the award-winning stop motion clay-animated movie from 2005 directed by Nick Park and Steve Box. The iconic car is used by the lovable inventor and his loyal dog to solve Lady Tottington’s rabbit problem.

“The old BV 6000 is capable of 125 RPM. That’s Rabbits Per Minute.”

The set features:
  • fully posable Wallace and Gromit
  • four rabbits in different colors with printed faces + two carrots
  • rabbits in the tube will spin around as the car is driving
  • opening doors and hood
  • a posable giant hand under the hood which offers Wallace a piece of cheese
  • top of the tube opens up to insert the upper rabbits
  • pipe and nozzle can spin 300° and can be removed
  • printed ‘Hop 2 it’ licence plate

  • Wallace: 16 cm
  • Gromit: 13,5 cm
  • rabbits: 4 cm
  • car: length 29 cm; width 14,5 cm; height 26 cm

I’m a big fan of the clay-animated stop motion style of the Wallace & Gromit movies. They always have a genuine feel to them. My kids are crazy about the funny characters and really love this movie.

This set would be a perfect addition to the world of LEGO. It has a lot of play features. Wallace & Gromit are two iconic and very popular characters. My kids constantly want to play with them and the car. I think that's a good indication! 

If you want Wallace & Gromit and The BunnVac 6000 to be a part of the LEGO world, hit the ‘support’ button. Let's make it happen!  

Thanks for your support!

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