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The L. Rivendell Museum of Natural History

I love the Creator series, the modular line in particular. One of the things I felt was lacking in the selection of buildings was some culture. This building also offers a more "modern" design aesthetic. It's on an extra large base plate (48x48), but the sidewalk and building fronts line up with the other modulars in the official line.

Here are front and side views of the building, illustrating the the suspended atrium at the front.

The first floor contains dinosaurs, bone and claw display cases, a hanging garden, and of course, a gift shop.

The second floor contains numerous displays, including weapons and armor, gems, a terrarium, an early man exhibit, and several skeletal exhibits.

Here are some more detailed shots of just a few of the gift shop and displays on offer at the museum.

For more pictures, you can check out my set on flickr.

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