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Ta&Ta Red Barn Winter Tree Shop.


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Hello everyone.
Today we are here to present our LEGO Ideas project: “Ta&TA Tree Shop”, an American red barn owned by the “Williams” family, transformed into a Christmas tree shop. The red barn is an iconic symbol of American culture, a reminder of the country’s agricultural past, and a symbol of prosperity and abundance.
Our project recreates a detailed model of an American red barn, transformed into a Christmas tree shop. It consists of 3,000 pieces and measures 56.5 cm wide, 57.5 cm long, and 22 cm high.
Let’s immerse ourselves now in the atmosphere we want to give you…
The barn is an important legacy for Taylor and Tabitha, known as Ta&Ta to their friends. It is a fond memory of their grandfather Benjamin, who built it with his own hands, a memory with which all members of their family have a deep bond, as it is part of their history.
Taylor and Tabitha, with the support of their parents William and Giulia, have transformed the barn into a Christmas tree shop. William, a great gardener, takes care of the Christmas trees, Giulia, the family botanist, is accountable for the cash register. Taylor is the jack-of-all-trades in the company, Tabitha supervises all the commercial aspects. They also have two employees, Viviana, who sells food, and Claudio, the delivery man.
The grandfather’s pickup truck, which had been abandoned for years in the barn, could not be missing. Now perfectly restored by Taylor, it is used by Claudio for deliveries.
The philosophy of recycling is in the DNA of the Williams family, so here is a cart that has been restored and used to give a hot chocolate or a small treat to all customers.
But there is also another small inhabitant of our beloved barn, Lulù, a stray cat who is now part of the family and helps to keep mice at bay. Their burrow is in the woodshed and from there, driven by curiosity, they found a way to enter the barn. (Part of the woodshed is removable to access the mouse hole.)
The roof is removable to allow you to observe and play with the interior. We find various details including: the gardener’s worktable, the cash register, work tools, and of course the little Lulù.
We ask you to vote for our project on LEGO Ideas. Your vote will help us reach our goal of 10,000 votes, which will allow us to be considered by LEGO for production.
Thank you for paying attention to our presentation. We invite you to visit our project on LEGO Ideas and vote to make it a reality.

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