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Top Cat And Alleyway Cats

This is my Lego representation of the Hanna Barbera 1961 classic Top cat . This is the police headquarters where the man who controls the police stations and police men and woman in the town . On the bottom floor of the building is a security desk to check if whoever going to talk to the  the police chief has a appointment and there’s a drink machine . On the top floor is the chief in his fancy office with globes , dart boards , paintings and much more . But in the right hand side is a alleyway where top cat and all his friends live . It may not seem like much but they can make nothing into something amazing , one of the cats is using a trash can as drums . There’s a few Easter eggs and references in my build , like there’s a small grey cat and a small brown mouse just outside the alleyway for Tom and Jerry but I’ve hidden the most Easter eggs in a crate in the alleyway , there’s a purple hat from Dick Dastardly , there’s a short from Fred from scooby doo and there’s a picnic blanket coming out of the crate a callback to a picnic basket stealing bear called yogi bear .just outside the station is a policeman he is officer dibble the top cat hating policeman . The cat on the left side alleyway is top cats love interest goldie. This set includes 10 minifigures , top cat , officer dibble , security guard , police chief ,  Choo choo , brain , benny , fancy fancy , spook and goldie. 

please support this and make my hours of work worth it

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