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Alpine Mountain Hut


Meet Franz and Heidi in their Alpine Mountain Hut!

Franz and Heidi are a young married couple, living a peacful live in the alps. Supported by Heidis father Gunther, they run a small mountain hut, which is also a reststation for hiking familys or sportsmen. 

The hut contains a hobbycellar, a kitchen and a living room:

  • In the hobbycellar are a lot of tools for reparatur work, the container for gas and water and a workbench where Franz can build his model of a spaceshuttle.
  • In the kitchen stands a pendulum clock, a fully equiped kitchen with a lot of kitchen utensils, a fireplace, if the nights gets cold and an old-fashioned cord telephone.
  • In the living room is a double bed, a gramophone, a fireplace, a sofa, a telescope and a commode with a lamp.
  • The levels are all connected with hatches, ladders or stairs

There are a lot of activitys to do near the hut in the nature:

  • Go on a hiking trip with the family.
  • Help Günther collecting the eggs or milking the cow.
  • Take care of one of the many animals living near or in the hut. Including an owl, a goat, a cow, a bat, chicken and a cat. 
  • Climb the rock walls and try to pluck the edelweiss.
  • Assist Heidi in the kitchen and help her cooking tasty meals, by collecting herbs.

I built this hut, because in my opinion, there is no better place for people to get in touch with nature. Nature is an important part of our world. Nature provides us with peace and calm. Even a walk in the park can be really relaxing. With this model I want to remind people of the ease of nature, even if they do not have time or possibilities to enjoy this wonder every day.

Support this idea, and enjoy a relaxed day in nature!

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