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Ghostbusters Ecto-Blaster


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 Whom do you call to get rid poltergeists in your city?! You are the Ghostbusters recruit with your original Ecto-Blaster. Drive just like the Ecto-1 counterparts, this new 21st century hi-tech gadget vehicle willing to go places and get the job faster. Using the S.P.F. (Sub-Plasm Fission) in Ecto-Blaster proton container cannon, it makes a powerful weapon vehicle blasting Level 10 ghosts.

Building Models:
Ecto-Blaster / Including: Rotation blaster cannon and proton rack holder.
New Proton Pack

Come with Minifigures:
Twin Ghosts Boy and Girl / Hoodies?

Extra piece: Legs as a ghost or human form.
(A transparent blue ghost legs.)

*This might be good additional to the Ghostbusters collection. I created an affordable small set for anyone who fans (and kids) for the classic movie and animation shows.

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