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BrickHeadz Rubber Duck


Hello. The first piece, “Rubber Duck,” is a toy made in the shape of a duck. It has long been the most popular toy in the world since the 1940's sculptor Peter Ganine first created the floating duck-shaped toy. The rubber ducks are childhood friends that give children around the world the joy of playing in the water. The rubber Duck brings joy to the world. Even today, the rubber duck is a symbolic toy that makes us laugh and entertain. I thought I could share joy for the purpose of healing without discrimination and prejudice, so I made it a LEGO brick.
Basically, ducks take the form of floating in water. The brick colors are yellow, orange, and blue by default. And the number of bricks used is pieces of 166. The size is 5 cm wide, 6.5 cm long, and 7.5 cm high, which is similar to the normal Brickheadz, but it is a little more cute. In order to embody the appearance of a cute duck, it has taken its current shape through numerous trials and errors. The initial shape had a very wide beak and a slightly longer neck, but I modified it again. It's a very small difference, but you'll see fine details. I believe that my work can give consumers of various ages the cuteness, laughter, and relaxation of the rubber duck through the Lego theme that symbolizes the cuteness of Brickheadz. Although it has a simple shape and color, it will be a LEGO set that is small in size to give joy to children and memories to adults, but great happiness.

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