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Power Rangers Command Center

Have no fear kids (and kids at heart), the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers are here! The evil Rita Repulsa's is at it again and has set loose another monster. It's time for the Power Rangers to come up with a plan at the Command Center and to hear some wisdom from mentor Zordon. Join the adventure with Blue Ranger Billy, Black Ranger Zack and Yellow Ranger Trini. Who knows, the rest of the rangers may teleport to the Command Center at any moment.

I built this set in celebration of the Power Rangers 30th anniversary. I wanted a Power Rangers set to bring a smile to the young and young at heart. The Power Rangers Command Center is very colorful, and I thought it would be a fun and quick build.

The Power Rangers Command Center set would be a great addition to any Lego collection as it is light hearted, it aims to make you smile, it's colorful, and the build is relatively simple and thus accessible to young builders.

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