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The Dead Marshes (The Lord of the Rings)


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I created this project to be  the " Dead Marshes" from the movie "The Lord of the Rings, The Two Towers". I made the set with accurate detail, functions, and minifigures. This set has lots of disconnected parts, allowing the owner to display the set in their own, preferred way. The set also includes a Fell Beast and Ringwraith, this part took an especially long time to create. To make it accurate to the movie, the set includes a function that slides Frodo into the marsh, where the dead are awaiting.

On their quest to Mordor to destroy the ring, Frodo Baggins and Samwise Gamgee are led by Gollum. Gollum leads them through a bog called the "Dead Marshes". After travelling for a while Gollum demands that they "Hide", because a black rider on his fell beast is flying overhead. If seen they would be captured, and killed for the Ring of Power.

Set Includes:

1) Detailed marshland islands and bridge.

2) Detailed marshland island with dead tree.

3) Fully pose-able Fell Beast.

4) Five Minifigures: Frodo Baggins, Samwise Gamgee, Gollum, Ringwraith, and a Marsh-ghost.

5) A detailed half-sunken animal skeleton.

6) Three move-able flames.

7) A mini soup pot.( Used when Sam makes potato soup from the rabbit that Gollum catches.)

8) A brown marsh plant.

9) A brown rabbit.

10) A crocodile.

11) A frog.

12) A piece of gold, hidden behind the dead tree.

13) Ringwraith sword.

14) The Sting. (Frodo's sword.)

15) Sam's sword.

Note: To show the dead people in the marsh, I used a translucent green piece. This piece would have a sticker of a dead elf minifigure on it. I showed what it would generally look like, in the image showing the back of the main marsh islands. This feature would allow the dead elf minifigure to appear to be under the water.

I hope this set is accurate enough to satisfy all of the Lord of the Rings fans. It took two years to create, and I hope it gathers enough support to be considered as a real LEGO product (10,000). This is a scene from the movie that I think deserves to be a LEGO set. Please support and invite everyone you know to support it too.  Every support counts, and is appreciated. (It only takes a few seconds to support, but it makes all the difference to me.) Thanks to all who have supported, and all who will support in the future, You're amazing! Best wishes to all,





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