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De-constructor Destroyer of Evil


This battle ship is called the De-Constructor. I like to make up battle scenes when when I play Legos with my brother. I made the De-Costructor so that it has many cool features and weapons all in one. It took me 2 days to design and a third day to finish. I wish I had all the colors that match, but so you get a good idea of how I envision it finished. The windshield piece will be Dark Transparent Blue, the body (white), the weapons (gold), roof (black), the missiles (transparent orange with red tips). Its dimensions are 16cmx16cm.

It is a high powered battle jet that seeks and destroys the forces of evil. It has many weapons guns, shooters, blades, spears and a supercharged forcefield. It has turbo boosters located in the rear that shoot flames of fire and allow it to maintain supersonic speeds. The gold circular piece located in the center rear section is a cloaking device that tracts others and allows the unit fly undetected into trouble.

The De-constructor patrols over the lands to protect innocent people. This kit is amazingly fun to build. 

Please vote for it so all the kids in the world can build one and save the Earth from the forces of evil! 

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