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Connect 4


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Connect 4 is a classic game that almost everyone has played before. The game was first released in 1974. With the play features you can play this iconic game in Lego.

Play Features:
This set due to being a board game has a plethora of play features that is the highlight of the set.
  • Playable Connect 4 Board
  • 42 1x1 studs that can be placed in to play Connect 4
  • 2 Colors that can be played in 1 vs. 1 or two teams
  • Sticks that can take out the game play studs

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In total there are 139 pieces. 42 pieces are the studs used as the game pieces for the gameplay (21 red, 21 black). 2 of the pieces are the stick used to take out the game pieces. The other 95 pieces are part of the board.

Set Piece Colors:
  • Base Colors: Light Bluish Gray. Blue, & Yellow
  • Team Studs Colors: Black & Red
  • Sticks Color: Brown

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