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Tugboat Cerbero


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Tugboat Cerbero.

My tugboat is designed to look impressive and at the same time vintage. I studied and watched many photos before i realize it. I have tried to build some characteristic elements of those vessels.

I have called it Cerberus as the guardian dog of the mythological literature.

The characteristic elements are:

·         car tires along the sides

·         The cleat for tying the tops towed

·         The smoke from the chimney

·         The position to govern stern winches

·         bow winch

·         The bridge with the big wheel and a nautical chart table

·         The engine room is equipped with a large diesel engine where you can distinguish the cylinder heads for valves, pushrods, the flywheel, the compressed air cylinder for starting the fire extinguisher cylinder, and much more!

·         The commander scanning the horizon

·         The bosun expert in boat

I have designed and created the tugboat because my connection to the sea is very strong.

I was born and raised in a city that looks to the sea and I could not live in a city where I can not see it every day. I love boats and my work is related to them, in fact I am specialized in marine engines.

Also collect Vintage TinToy Tugboat and this inspired me in my project.

I think that this project will be interesting for young and old.

Imagine myself riding the waves in command of a glorious boat capable of moving the sea giants like twigs is a wonderful feeling!

The tugboat is the king of the port!

The set consists of many bricks and provides innovative construction techniques and I hope that this can be an interesting challenge for the more Lego expert.

Supported my project! it did not disappoint you!

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