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NOLINOR Boeing 737-200


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The Boeing 737 is a narrow-body aircraft launched in the 1960s, the first variant, the 737-100 made it's first flight in 1967. The 737-200 is the second version of the 737 Original (-100 and -200), it has an longer fuselage (~1.5 meters) and has been launched in 1968. The -200 was originaly built for United Airlines who ordered a stretcher version of the 737-100. 
Nolinor Aviation is a charter airline based in Canada, at Montréal-Mirabel International Airport, founded in 1992. It operates passenger charter and cargo services and has 9 Boeing 737-200, which makes Nolinor the largest Boeing 737-200 fleet !

I decided to build this plane because it's one of my favourites, and because it has very interresting features I recreated with Lego bricks !
My Lego Boeing 737-200 has been built in 3 and 1/2 months and has fully functional flaps and undercarriage ! My model features a full interior with a cargo bay containing 4 custom palets and a few passengers seats at the back. It also has working doors.
I built it in the Nolinor livery combi variant as this is the biggest Boeing 737-200 fleet and because it has very unique specifications ! 
My model features the gravel kit (Picture #13) which is installed on Nolinor's aircrafts to operate on gravel, snow and more, which makes this plane very versatile. 
It is sturdy and self supported, it doesn't need external supports !
It comes with a custom Tug which is a model of a real Nolinor tug called "Thicc Boi".

I think this would be a nice lego Ideas set because we don't often see realistic lego planes sets built with lego "classic" parts. As this model is very detailled and has a lot of moving parts, it can be a very interresting set ! I imagine this plane on display as a scaled model (1/40 scale). I think it could also be a nice decorative object !
I hope this plane can become the first Lego IDEAS airliner, it would be a pleasure to finally see a proper Lego airliner beeing released.

I hope you will like this project !

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