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The Candy Candy's Pony's Home

Hello everyone!
I decided to design a LEGO set that hadn't been seen before but that actually many of us have already watched on TV in the distant 80s, that is Candy Candy's Pony's Home! This set represents one of the places where the little protagonist lives for the longest time, and where she happily spends her childhood. In the model that I reproduced in LEGO scale I have included some of the main places of this house so that you can freely play inside, but which still remain rich in details and very faithful to the original series.
Pony's Home is structured as follows:

Downstairs there is the dining room, the entrance with Mrs. Pony's study and the bedrooms.

Upstairs there is an attic.

Finally, outside there is an elegant fountain and numerous plant elements.

In addition to the construction, which has 1514 pieces, there are also four minifigures, representing Mrs. Pony, Tom Steve (a Candy Candy's friend), Candy Candy and Annie, Candy's childhood best friend.

In my opinion this construction deserves to become a LEGO set both for the precision with which it was built, and because there are no LEGO sets based on this animated series and I would very much like there to be one someday, with which to relive the memories of the childhood.

I hope you will support me to carry out my wish, thank you all !!

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