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Mark VI Monorail

Welcome to the Mark VI Monorail project!

This famous train is best known for being the transport system at Walt Disney World Resort Florida, but was also refurbished and used to begin the Las Vegas Monorail operations.

The build itself consists of 945 parts - brickbuilt track included! It has a length of almost 90 studs - a bit over 70cm. The train is 8 studs wide, has three cars, all with complete interior and the roof is easily removeable. It's built within minifig scale, so you can place your favorite minifigs inside. Even though the train is a display model only, the train can be moved on the short (straight only) brickbuilt tracks!

Now, why would this make a great official LEGO set? First of all, a lot of people like trains! Also, do you remember when LEGO released the last monorail? LONG time ago! So I guess it's about time for a comeback, isn't it?

I have spent quite a time to make a display model, that represents the original train as good as possible, so if you want to get this iconic monorail as an official LEGO set, please go and support my idea and together we can make it happen!

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