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Santa's Workshop ( Front Entry )


Ho ho ho! This is what Santa would say if he would be flying on his magical sleigh. However, he is busy preparing presents, together with his fellow construction workers, for all the children in the world ( if you want to see a short video animation, you can access this link: 


This small set is a vignette representing the front entry of Santa's Workshop. Because it is winter, and because Santa Claus is living at the North Pole, there is snow covering the ground and also the workshop's roof. There is a narrow path leading to the door of the workshop as well. The structure, as it can be seen, is made out of old stone, instead of wood. This fact is represented by the light bluish grey, dark bluish grey and dark pieces that have different shapes.

Inside the workshop, there is:

  • a table, on top of which is a toy - a robot;
  • a hanger, placed next to the table;
  • a tool rack, which includes a hammer and a wrench;
  • and some boxes.

The vignette also includes one of Santa's helpers, who is wearing a hood, and who has a key for opening the front door of the workshop.




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