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Hidden-Quad-Cannon Truck

From the outside of this futuristic beast, one wouldn't know that four large blaster cannons are hidden under its robust armour. By simply turning the gear on the left side of this vehicle, the entire truck spreads apart, allowing for the cannons to be raised into the air. It also features a opening cockpit. Sadly a minifig can't fit :(

Main Function
This function is possible by a rack and pinion system that extends and retracts by the turn of the little black gear (sorry, I don't have a video, but the pictures demonstrate it).

  • Four large hidden cannons
  • White, green, and black color scheme
  • Futuristic style
  • Huge front bumper (I'm not sure what it's for!)
  • Opening cockpit
  • Tilting cannons

Thanks for reading and brick on!

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