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Never Gonna Give You Up - Rick Astley

You've heard of Rick-Rolling, well, now prepare to be Brick-Rolled with this build of Rick Astley's classic 1987 song, Never Gonna Give You Up!

This build depicts the two main scenes from the music video, which are connected by technic pins, or can be separated and displayed both at the same time!

This idea features 3 minifigs, with some custom detailing!
The large hall window features brick-built details, to add some extra texture.
The bridge features a lot of detailed brickwork, such as the floor, which was built sideways to create an authentic, smooth look!

749 Pieces
38 Plates high
21 Studs wide
12 Studs deep per side, totalling 24 studs deep when combined.

Let's make this build a reality; it would be the ultimate Rick-Roll! XD

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