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Paris Opera House

As an opera fanatic and an admirer of French architecture, this project was inspired by a copy of a painting by Jean Beraud: "Le Couloir de l' Opera." The Grand Staircase is beautifully portrayed and I wanted to create an ornate interior along with a detailed exterior finish.

This creation contains over 12,000 LEGO parts and it took about 4.5 months to design, plan, and build.

I believe that The LEGO Company should create a line of beautiful European buildings honoring many of the famous theaters, opera houses, museums, palaces, and government buildings. Perhaps The LEGO company could focus on a particular style like Haussmann, Garnier, Eiffel and others.

I would love to see sets that can be displayed independently or within a collection of Modular Style buildings. I thing many adult LEGO fans would appreciate 10,000+ piece sets. The Paris Opera House would be a wonderful place to start a new line of intricately designed LEGO sets scaled for minifigures.

Rear façade with Fleur d' lis

Grand Staircase

Canevas Parisienne

Opening Night

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