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Mortal Engines Airhaven (Novel Version)

Across the muddy wastelands of Europe, cities on wheels fight for the best materials, consuming smaller towns and cities to survive. Soaring above them all is the giant flying town of Airhaven. Resembling an airship, Airhaven acts as a trading hub between town, a place where petty disputes are set aside in the name of profit. However, due to it's neutrality, Airhaven is also a place for those who want their dealings to go unnoticed by those around them. 

The idea of a flying town suspended by balloons appealed to me ever since i came across Mortal Engines. Recently i discovered a beautifully illustrated picture of what the novel version of Airhaven looked like and decided that it would make a brilliant display model.

Width: 39.6cm
Length: 40.3cm
Height: 35.1cm

It has always been my dream to become a Lego designer, I hope this project is the first step!

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