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Suburban Micro House for Micro Figures


This suburban micro house is perfect to put on display or to play with micro figures. This little house includes: road that has three cars on it each with a stud on it (1 black and 2 grey), there is also a bench next to the road to the left. In the back garden of the house there is: tree house with light on top of it, BBQ with bench that has steak on it (red stud), garden next to BBQ, wooden bench next to garden, bench that you eat food from the BBQ on, fire pit with red chairs around it (red slope pieces), telescope to look up into the night sky and swimming pool with pool pump (black stud) and a spring board leading into the pool. On the roof there is: red alarm, satellite dish, pink whirly bird fan, round grey spinning thing and a metallic pyramid thingy. Inside of the house there is a red bed on the ground next to the kitchen, in the kitchen there is a fridge, oven with stove on top, white bench for chopping food on and a sink, to the left of the kitchen there is a blue dining table next to the window, there is also a toilet (sand colour slope piece), next to the toilet there is a tv with a pair of black and white PS4 controllers, next to the tv there is a desk with a lamp on it next to the window looking out onto the road. Bonus: garage with car that is grey with stud on it.

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