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Dennis and Gnasher 70th Anniversary

When I was a young child TV wasn't something we spent a lot of time watching and we certainly didn't have the internet but we did have comic books. I can remember quite a few were very popular, however the one that I most loved the most was the 'Beano'.

Numerous characters, all with their distinct and quirky outlook on life entertained us every week and none other than Dennis and his trusty sidekick Gnasher the dog.

They would travel around together creating mischief and mayhem in the funniest and most affectionate way. First brought to us in March 1951, Dennis is now the grand old age of 70 (although he is actually still only 11 years old!).

I thought a great way to celebrate this amazing duo would be to create a Brickhead collectable item. Dennis and his wonderful dog are detachable and can be played with without the display base or you can just enjoy the pleasure of seeing them together at home on your desk or in your favourite place.

Bringing Dennis and Gnasher to life through Lego will give them a few more great decades together! Enjoy and please support!

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