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Beach Shops

👋 Hello everyone! This is my latest project, Beach Shops!

🏠 I split this MOC into 3 sections, the Surf Shop, the Restaurant, and the Boardwalk/Beach.

1 - The exterior of the surf shop is made of dark azure/ grey/ white, and the entrance is a functioning sliding door. The interior includes loads of beach-related items for sale, such as surf boards, hats, diving equipment, cameras, life jackets, as well as two registers and a fish tank. There is also an employee room, with tools to fix the shop and boxes of merchandise to be sold.

2 - The restaurant has the yellow/grey/white exterior, and inside there is a soda machine, condiment counter, register, sink, grill, lots of tables, and a bathroom.

(Both buildings have their own detachable roof to play and access the interior.)

3 - On the outside there is a wooden boardwalk with stairs on the side of the surf shop to the upper floor (under construction), and of course the beach! I built loads of different items to customize the beach section of your liking, these include a sandcastle, volleyball net, radio, umbrella, three lounge chairs, and a jet-ski.

📊 This project includes 8 minifigures, and and a total of 1,149 pieces (stand NOT included)

🧐 I think this project would be a great LEGO set because it can either work as a display piece, or a model to play with, or you could even add this to your own city, the option is up to you!

👍 Thanks for checking out my project, if you have any questions, suggestions, or feedback, let me know! :)

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