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Seige Castle


Siege Castle.

How did I come up with the idea?

The whole idea came about initially because my son wanted a display type unit to consolidate all the shields he has collected from the Nexo Knights series.  This started off with a thin bar and supports, that soon developed into a castle frontage, then came the portcullis and so on.  Since then it is only lego model he owns that has not been "re-distributed" for other models.

What's in it?

Essentially I have made a training area complete with an Archery range (bow and arrows), a spinning training dummy, a straw/wooden training dummy, a weapons rack with a full compliment of varied weapons, a Meeting pit with fire a spit roast, a food stand, a Bar, a shield stand, Balistraria(Arrowslit), access ladders, Secret entrance/exit, working portcullis & a Ballista (Large Crossbow).

In total there are around 620 pieces however this is based upon what I have in our not too expansive lego collection, I'm sure it could be easily reduced depending on the types of pieces available.

I pictured it with 5 characters, (3 good for the tower and 2 bad guys to attack), not specifically Nexo ones, but my son insisted I use them in the photos.

Photo editing.

I have included a bunch of Nexo shields simply to show where the original concept came from, I don't picture as being part of a final product, I have edited out the QR information to avoid any difficulties with protecting the product purchasing infringements.

I have also photo shopped some of the images to show colour matches to suit the intended brick colour which is why to the trained eye some images may look a little odd.

That's it!

I look forward to seeing peoples comments and suggestions, If I reach the benchmarks I'll update with Building Instructions.  Thank you in advance for your support.












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