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Modular History Museum


Hello, this is my first modular project. The idea is museum who has exhibits from different times and cultures.

First floor

3 rooms - bathroom, ticket office, antique shop

The Bathroom is under the stairs who can be separated. There is a sink, toilet and toilet paper.

Ticket Office

Here we have desk with tickets and cup, office chair, bookcase, picture on the wall. This part of the room actually is the ticket office. best part is the bookcase because all books 1x2 plate can be removed. The other part of the room is the waiting room. Have two chairs, table, clock on the wall and water machine.

Antique Shop

This is an unique shop where you can buy not just souvenir. Real antiques from the past. The shop have office chair, desk with computer, table with old banknote, compass, pocket watch and 2 bottles, two different guns on the wall, barrel with different swords, tables with aviator hat, knife, binoculars and camera.

Second floor

Here is the museum. The visitors first can see retro motor who can be detached from the table and use as regular motor. Next is the table with column from ancient building. After that is the table with equipment and weapons on the wall. On the other side two big showcases with dummy in clothes from old times.


First floor - ticket seller, visitor, antique seller, collector.

Second floor - two visitors, two dummy king and navy captain.





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