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The Hobbit - Dale expansion set


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This is the expansion set of my The Hobbit - Dale project. I made this simiar to the LOTR The Battle of Helm's Deep and Uruk-hai army sets.

  • This set includes 3 soldiers with bow, spear and sword.


spoiler alert. spoiler alert, spoiler alert

When the Battle of the Five Armies was over, the dwarves restored their kingdom under the Lonely Mountain and men began to settle once more in Dale, with Bard, the man who slew the dragon, becoming their first king.

Dale was sacked for a second time during the War of the Ring by invaders from the east. The people of Dale took refuge in the Lonely Mountain with the Dwarves, and it was during the Siege of Erebor that King Dáin II Ironfoot of the Lonely Mountains and King Brand of Dale were slain. However, after the fall of Sauron the siege was broken and Dale rebuilt once more.

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