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The Great British Swim

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Our Lego Idea, The Great British Swim, is about Ross Edgley and his feats while swimming all the way around mainland Great Britain. Some of the challenges that Ross has had to face are storms, shark encounters, and jellyfish attacks. While he is conquering the Great British Swim, his go-to food is the banana. He has consumed more than 500 bananas so far! He usually carries one or two bananas on his buoy. The buoy is also used to keep track of Ross when it is hard to spot him. The rigid-inflatable boat (RIB) follows Ross around to make sure that Ross stays on the right course. The interactive windows on the sides of our project can be opened to give a clearer view of the shark and jellyfish that are found inside. The waves represent the many storms he has had to swim through. He will be the first man to have ever completed the 2000 mile swim around mainland Great Britain.

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