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Space Transport Ship


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This is a sc-fi space craft designed to transport large amounts of troops quickly. Its sturdy build features vertical thrust engines, a main rocket engine, cockpit, and control panels. On top of this cool ship stands a point defense turret which can rotate 360 degrees. Hidden underneath this craft is a carrier unit that can transport troops and small vehicles. Imagine flying through space aboard this awesome creation! I built this model because I have been obsessed with Lego sci-fi for 7 years and I wanted to make my own set. I modeled this after the Lego Star Wars set 10195-1 Republic Dropship. My version is meant to be much smaller and more affordable. I think this will be a great Lego set for all ages. With its affordable price and durable construction, people can buy multiple sets for space battles and mocs. I hope you guys like and support this set.

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