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Kryptonite Cannon


Kryptonite… the only way to defeat Superman.  Without it, Lex Luthor couldn’t do anything, but now he has a full arsenal of weapons to battle the Man of Steel with! 

The cannon’s kryptonite gun and targeting scanners can be switched around to be powered by green, red, or gold kryptonite.  The whole thing can also turn 360°! 

Lex also has a huge arrangement of hand-held kryptonite weapons.  He has a large kryptonite rifle, a stud-shooter, and a space gun in all three colors!

This project contains about 90 pieces, so it would be a very affordable way to collect kryptonite crystals.  Plus, if this became a set, it would the first time that red and gold kryptonite would be included in a Lego product!

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