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Roman Thermae (Roman Bath)


In the ancient roman empire, the thermae was building complex for the romans to bath, to relax and to socialize with other citizens and of course meet with their friends.

The idea for this set includes a roman bath with indoor and outdoor bathing area.
The indoor bath (caldarium) consists of the main pool and a separate smaller long basin with fountains flowing from the wall. A small bridge crosses the long basin leading to the outside bathing area. Next to the basins and pools are benches to sit, relax or hold a conversation with friends. The interior of the bath resembles marble and is decorated with various elements such as statues, tiles and a mosaics.

The outside bathing area consists of an small pool with fountain sitting on top of an rock formation.
The rock formation is detailed with plants and greenery. The building is also surrounded with classic roman roads, made from cobblestone.

The water for the roman bath is provided via an aqueduct, which is attached to the buildings backside.
The water flows from the aqueduct into a collecting basin and is then heated via an hypocaust (heating system under the pool) to keep the water cozy and warm. The hypocaust can be accessed and maintained from the clerks counter. From there it flows to the various pools and basins. The water then finally drains right of the building into the sewerage.

Included are a couple of male & female roman citizens with proper ancient bathing clothings and robes. There is also staff to keep the warm water flowing and to counter and to do administrative work.
The sets roof section and walls can be detached to access the interior of the bathhouse.

This idea is ideal for anyone interested in history and in great roman architecture.
Thank you for your interest and support.

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