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Batman VS Superman

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- Hulkbuster Ironman VS Hulk -

One of the greatest comic book fan questions of all time: Who would win Batman or Superman? They've gotten in a few scuffles over the years, but never anything conclusive. I propose the idea for a Lego set that allows for people to create their own conflict between these two iconic superheroes. Allowing the builder to use their imagination and write the battle for themselves.

The two proposed minifigures are Batman in a Superman busting suit and the Man of Steel himself.

Here's a glimpse at the simple building interior. There's not too much going on, just a couch and a desk with a lamp on it.

One of the things that makes this project so awesome is it's ability to connect to other, similarly designed buildings as seen below.

Shown here is the house connected to the Hulkbuster Ironman VS Hulk project that will be coming in a few days. Potentially, more similarly designed buildings could be made in the future, allowing for endless expansion modularity wise.

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