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Artemis II: Three Acts to Moon

Embark on a thrilling lunar adventure with the Artemis II LEGO set, inspired by NASA's crewed mission around the Moon! This detailed set captures the key stages of the mission, allowing you to recreate the excitement of space exploration.

The set includes three intricately designed models:
  1. Launch: The mighty Space Launch System (SLS) rocket during liftoff, ready to propel the Orion spacecraft towards the Moon.
  2. Translunar Injection: The SLS's core stage separates, and the Orion spacecraft, powered by the European Service Module, begins its journey to lunar orbit.
  3. Orion in space: The Orion spacecraft gracefully orbits the Moon, capturing breathtaking views of Earth and conducting vital tests for future missions.

Why did you build it?
As a passionate space enthusiast, I was captivated by the Artemis II mission's significance in returning humans to the Moon's vicinity. I wanted to create a LEGO set that celebrates this monumental achievement and inspires others to explore the wonders of space.

Why do you believe this would make a great LEGO set?
  • Educational Value: The set offers a unique opportunity to learn about the Artemis II mission, its spacecraft, and the challenges of lunar exploration.
  • Playability: Builders of all ages can engage in imaginative play, reenacting the mission's key moments or creating their own lunar adventures.
  • Display Value: The three models, each showcasing a distinct phase of the mission, make for a stunning display piece that will spark conversation and admiration.
  • Collectibility: As part of the LEGO Ideas program, this set would become a sought-after collector's item for space enthusiasts and LEGO fans alike.

Join me in supporting this project and bringing the Artemis II mission to life in LEGO form!

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