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Wild West Saloon


With around 2400 pieces, including 6 minigures, this set is composed by the saloon, which is the main building, and a separated water tank.
If this project became a reality it would represent a great way to bring back a beloved LEGO theme such as the Western theme.

The saloon:
The ground floor of the saloon, which can be accessed through the green swinging door, contains the counter with 2 seats, 3 tables (one of them with a green mat to play cards), a black elegant piano to play western songs and the wood burning stove. In addition, behind the counter, under the floor, there is a trapdoor where we can find the owner's hidden treasure. The 1st floor, instead, can be reached from the balcony outside of the building or from the stairs inside. This floor contains a wonderful wooden grandfather clock, a painting and a buffalo skull on the wall.
Looking at the saloon's facade, from left to right, we find a place to keep the wood for the wood burning stove, a wagon, and two cactus. Below the stairs there is a small storage shed. The terrace is accessable from the balcony through a wooden ladder.

The wagons:
The set includes 2 wagons:
  • A stagecoach - A red painted wagon for the long travels. It can be opened from the top to locate the minifigures inside; it also includes a trunk containing laggages, gold or banknotes
  • A covered wagon

The water tower:
The tank is supported by a wooden structure and can be reached by an iron ladder. At the base of the structure, a drinking fountain feeded by the water tank through a metallic pipe which runs at the center of the structure.

The idea proposes the following minifigures:
  • The pianist
  • The bounty hunter
  • The owner
  • The bank robber
  • The waitress
  • The bandit

This set is perfect for display but also to play with it, including hundreds of playable features.

If you are a a western LEGO fan, or you just like the project, make shure to support it.

Thank you

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