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Arch - Drift (Perfect Balance Between Road Car and Race Car)

Arch is the body, drift is the movement. 

Arch Drift is my envisioned serial production car for drift-race enthusiasts. It combines the stability and power of a true performance car with the comfort of a 4 seater family coupe.

Performance features:
Made of almost 2690 parts, this 2 door model uses a six cylinder flat engine with chain drive, 2 differentials for stability and control on both road and racetrack, 8 shock absorbers, and a 15° angle negative camber on all wheels.

The design of the car revolves around the arch shape idea. It all started with the mudguard arched panel part, used as a complementary design element for the front grille. The wide body-kit adds a sporty look to the car while the spoiler assures not only corner stability but also gives the elegance that this coupe deserves.
The two-color pattern helps the car to look great on the road and on the racetrack as well.

Other features:
The hood can be opened to unveil the perfectly balanced six cylinder flat engine. 
Going to the back, we can see the spacious trunk that makes Arch Drift a day-by-day family car.
The doors open widely and the front seats can slide forward to provide access for the rear passengers.
The steering wheel turns the car throughout the corners with great precision.

In my opinion, this car would make a great LEGO set because it has a beautiful design and the negative camber feature is unique for a large scale technic set.


Length: 49.8 [cm] / 19.6 [in]
Width: 23.2 [cm] / 9.1 [in]
Height: 13.4 [cm] / 5.3 [in]

Thank you all for watching and for your support!

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