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Sci-Fi Armed Airship


Small Detail Additions and New Render

So, just another little update on the project. I made some small adjustments to the model and I also downloaded BlueRender so I can make my creations look all shiny! I added an under section to the prow of the airship because I thought it was missing something, I added a few red and green aircraft lights to the front and back, I adjusted the back of the ship to include a bay door that opens and closes and I added some smooth panels to the roof and the gun bay. You can see for yourselves in the new images:



Sci-Fi Collection and Minor Fix

So, I just wanted to make this update to address a couple of things. First, I'll explain the "minor fix." It is indeed very minor, but I wanted to do it regardless. I noticed after I'd already uploaded my project and it was in the "awaiting approval" stage, and therefore too late to modify, that I'd missed literally three bricks from the back of the ship. The difference is very small, so I've actually pointed it out in the screenshot below, but I just wanted to fix it because it was bugging me.

Next is the "sci-fi collection." So, In my mind, this airship set is part of a collection with its own little universe. My next project, which will hopefully be approved in the near future, is named Laser Turret Outpost. Its concept is that it is a turret capable of shooting down the airship (or not, depending on how you want the story to go!) While I await approval, I'll attach an image of it. As far as I can tell from looking over the regulations, there's nothing wrong with me inserting an image of it, but if there is, mod team, let me know! Thanks for having interest in my project!



The next model I was talking about:

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