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LEGO Piaggio Ape


Welcome to the first project collaboration between ImSpanky and saabfan.

Introducing the LEGO Piaggio Ape.

  About the Piaggio-
    At the end of World War II, most Italians, badly affected by the war, lacked means of transport and, more importantly, the financial means to acquire and maintain full-sized four-wheeled vehicles. In 1947, Corradino D'Ascanio, came up with the idea of building a light three-wheeled commercial vehicle. The very first Ape model and the mark immediately following it were mechanically a Vespa with two wheels added to the rear, with a flat-bed structure on top of the rear axle. The first Apes featured 50 cc, 125 cc or 150 cc and more recently 175 cc engines. By the time of the 1964 Ape D, a cab was added to protect the driver from the elements. The Ape has been in continuous production since its inception and has been produced in a variety of different body styles in Italy and India. The name refers to the work ethic of this vehicle - "ape" in Italian means "bee".

  About the set-
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The details of this model are, 
    1) It uses 123 LEGO bricks
    2) Comes 1 minifigure
    3) This is a Pizza Delivery Piaggio

              So, what are you waiting for? Let’s make this a real set!
 Thanks for your support, and if you have any tips or recommendations, please post a comment. We’d rather have your healthy criticism than have this project make it to the Review and get rejected.

ImSpanky + saabfan






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