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Car Auction


These are several cars that I made one-by-one over a series of weeks. Then I thought, why not combine all these cool-looking cars into one Lego set? So, that was the idea behind this set. These are the cars from left to right as you see them in the title picture.


  1. Custom pickup truck. This truck comes with an after-market hood with raised navel, a HUGE lift, and an opening tailgate


  1. Red Spider Model. After building the Creator Fast Car (set 31046) I wanted to try my hand at making my own retractable hardtop. And in the end the top does indeed fold down.


  1. Vintage Sports Car. This car is the show-stealer of the auction. Expect some high bids on this one. It's sleek mid-engined design was based off of the Ferrari Dino primarily but it has bits and pieces from just about any other sports car.  


  1. Rugged Off-Roader. This off-roader actually has cues from many great 4x4s such as the Jeep Wrangler and the H1 Hummer, but it was primarily based off of the Defender. It has a roll cage, a beefed up rear bumper, and overhead lights.


    Other than the cars, this set includes  five minifigures, an auctioneer’s table, a security officer with a segway, and other accessories. Thanks for checking this out. If you like it go ahead and support it. Thanks.



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