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Megamind: Battle for Metro City!

Ollo there!

You're just in time, Metro City is in chaos! Right in front of the Metro Man Museum plaza, an epic battle is taking place. Megaman, Metro Man and Titan- sorry, Tighten are letting it all out while news reporter Roxanne Ritchi flees for her life on stage. Will Megamind destroy his opponents with his dehydration gun? Will Tighten destroy the plaza by hurling a lamp post? Will Metro Man beat a few evil drones? Probably, but that's for you to decide.
This set comes with 4 minifgures, 3 small evil drones and one big Megamind-evil-super-spider-sawblade-drone-mech. Also included is the plaza diorama, that contains one gigantic Metro Man statue holding a golden planet.
This set got created because, bizarrely, there aren't many Megamind sets being proposed on this website. That's quite ridiculous, because who wouldn't love to have a Megamind Lego set, let alone one with so much action-packed awesomeness? The diorama in itself wouldn't look great decorating a room, especially for a die-hard superhero (or supervillain) fan!

So why wait? Let's bring this Megaproject to life!

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