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The Korean Turtle Ship ( 거북선)

Hello! This is my first one. This ship was used by the Royal Korean Navy during the Joseon Dynasty from the early 15th century up until the 19th century (from Wikipedia). The ship has 3 decks. I shall describe them a bit later on the page. It has Admiral Yi Sun Shin, 2 rowers, 2 cannon guys, and 2 archers (7 figs total). For more information, please visit .

This level (the bottom) has 16 rowers slots, a kitchen, and a bed. The ship has a U shaped hull too.

Level 2 has 16 cannons and the captains area. I am not sure if the cannons can actually fire.
P.S. The cylinders are not included though.

This is where the archers go. You must put the archers on the black bricks and aim their crossbows through the slots. It is very short.

These are the Minifigures. Going left to right the names are the Cannon Guys (x2), Admiral Yi Sun Shin, the Rowers(x2), and the Archers(again x2).

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