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Dr Strange Sanctum Sanctorum


Step forwards, and enter the wondrous world of Doctor Strange! And where would the Sorcerer Supreme be without his iconic Sanctum Sanctorum?

It contains three floors, each one is detailed to show part of this magical building. The first is the entrance with a stand for the Cloak of Levitation, as well as floating objects such as cups and potions. The second houses the chair in which Doctor Strange can leave his body and become his ectoplasmic form to fly through walls and floors as if they were not there. It also contains his all seeing Eye of Agamotto, for observing and preventing threats from Baron Mordo or the Dread Dormammu. On the third floor is one of his spell books for mystic incantations.

The set is designed so that it can open up, which allows you to use all of the levels at once. Alternatively, you can remove the roof to each floor and interact with each level as a whole. These features allow for the highest amount of playability.

Proposed figures for this set are Doctor Strange, his faithful manservant: Wong, The Ancient One, The Dread Dormammu and Baron Mordo. The Ancient One may be female in the film, so this may affect the figure in the project, but here he is shown as he is in the comics. The Dread Dormammu and Baron Mordo may not even feature in it, and could therefore be replaced with the actual villain. (However, The Dread Dormammu in particular would be a great figure to feature in this set).

Support this project, and may the Eternal Vishanti softly speak your name!

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