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Castle Ruin


The Story

“Hello everyone, my name’s Linda and I’ll be your tour guide today. We start our journey today at the south part of the castle, which dates back to the 15th century. The room we see here has had many uses over the years, from a temporary church to a bedroom, and was even used as a prison! As you walk through the door you’ll see a sunken floor covered by a grille, but don’t be alarmed when you see the skeleton bones… they’re not real… we added these to show how awful it must have been for anyone unlucky enough to be held down there.”

“The castle has had a fair amount of repair work over the years, and this is shown in the different coloured stones and bricks around the walls.”

“If you keep an eye out, most days there’s a golden eagle flying overhead. I personally think he likes to show off and sometimes swoops down low to take a look at the tourists.”

“Another interesting fact… the castle is rumoured to be haunted by the ghost of Prince Alexander. He went a bit mad after losing his true love, Princess Bella. It’s also rumoured he can be heard calling out her name at midnight, although I think it’s just the wind!”

The Build

The castle was relatively straightforward to build and didn’t take too long. I just collected as many tan bricks as I could and started building. As well as the light and dark grey colours, I added dark tan to create more of a ruin effect.

I estimate it has around 600 pieces.

The internal floor was quite tricky and had a few different designs before I was happy with the tan plates.

I added a large side opening to give easy access to the inside.

The baseplate has two sunken floor sections, but I decided to fully cover one of them and use the other one as a dungeon.

A group of tourists and a golden eagle complete the set.

The Idea
As soon as I saw the baseplate, I immediately thought a castle ruin would look great built on it. I looked at some images online and decided it needed two large windows. Once I got started, I really enjoyed building the castle and I’m really pleased with the finished product.

This would make a great display piece for adults as well as a set for kids to play with. There are a lot of castle ideas around but not many that are castle ruins, so this is a bit different.

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