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The Shopping Street


The shopping street


This is my first project. Modulars are extraordinary bricks to create your own universe. I like the idea sharing mine with other fans.

The shopping street is a concept that could easily integrate itself with other commercialized modulars being at the same time an original concept. I created it for modulars fans like me.

It comprises a pedestrian street and three buildings. The first one is a sand, caramel and brown building with a candy shop at street level and a florist suite on the top floors with an open terrace on the roof where you can relax and enjoy flowers flavors. The green and grey victorian building crossed by an arched inner street contains the pianist studio at the top floor with roof windows and a rest room included. The white and blue building with its bow windows in the upper floors communicating with the pianist studio will make the pleasure of children with its toys store on the ground floor. It also includes some nice elements like a piano, a candy dispenser, a deckchair and two mosaics.

Five characters are included in this model: the florist, the candy shop employee, the toy store employee, a lady with a bike and a little boy.

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Thanks for reading !

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