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Ultimate Man Cave


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BY THE DADS, OF THE DADS, FOR THE DADS - c'mon, dads.  You know you love Lego as much as, if not more than, your kids.  They're just the "cool gets" that any self respecting dude loves.  This set is dedicated to the grown men who appreciate the cool stuff.  Welcome to the Ultimate Man Cave.  Where dad and his buddies hang out to watch a ginormous TV on the reclining couch, shoot pool, have a drink, listen to and play some tunes, and gaze lovingly and jealously at the gallery of sports, movie and music memorabilia any self respecting-dad would drool over.  Designed with the idea that Disney owns the Marvel and Star Wars licenses (making it easier, hopefully, to combine the coolness of those two lines), the Ultimate Man Cave belongs proudly displayed in the man of the house's office, garage, bedroom...or MAN CAVE!  The TV incorporates light bricks at the sides for that extra-special backlight effect any professional-designed home theatre would proudly flaunt.  Thanks in advance for your support, and please check out my other project, the Lego Movie-inspired Overpriced Coffee Shop.

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