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Shubunkin II (Rescue & Multipurpose Ship)


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Haha! So! Here I am back.
This time with my Shubunkin (actually Shubunkin II). I had actually built the ship for something else.
But certain things that are happening in our world made me build this ship so. I am inspired by many ships made of bricks and a friend of mine said (hello Jan!) why there are always only warships. And he's right. So I created with a lot of ideas in my head this ship.

The Shubunkin is intended as a multipurpose ship. For example for research, sea rescue or as a light tugboat. She is equipped for this work with two cranes at the stern with life rafts and a tow rope with which smaller ships can be safely towed into the harbor or scientific equipment can be taken in tow, which can be lowered into the water with the cranes, or for example.
The eye-catching colors sending the Signal: Help is here!
With its powerful engine (which you can see in the pictures) almost anything is possible with the Shubunkin.

With the Shubunkin, if Lego launches them (with your help), there would be one more "civilian" brick ship in the world.

The ship's name comes from the colors. I have goldfish from the Shubunkin breed and they look very, very much like the ship.

I just built it in the LDD and it grew into what it is now. It's not a ship to play with but rather as a display model. And what others can do, Lego has been able to do for a long time.

Now it's time for me to introduce you to my model at Ideas Lego. I'm curious if Lego will launch it.

Name : Shubunkin II
Overall length : 37 cm
Width overall : 9.1 cm
Height : 17.2 cm
Parts : 953
Weight : 720 grams

I hope you like my little creation

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