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Evil Merchant Hideout Battle


The Evil Merchant and self proclaimed King has ensnared the fair Maiden.  It is up to Ser Knight to beseech the Evil Merchant to release the Maiden.  Alas, the Evil Merchant is but a stubborn sod and if words will not do a blow from his mighty war hammer may persuade.  Aha,  but this be not a common Maiden.  She will not stand idly by and wait for a would be rescuer.  She will don armor and brandish a sword and fight.

The hideout opens allowing for the easy access of the center throne room and both sides, for reconfiguration or to just play.  When down it can be closed for easier displaying or storing.

Includes1 dog and 6 minifigures. Evil Merchant, Ser Knight, Maiden, Mad Wizard, Guard 1, and Guard 2. 

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