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Tranquility Martial Arts Academy


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This is a peaceful martial arts school where athletes from multiple arts can come and train together. The front half of the school can be opened up and the floor underneath can be flipped to create even more training space.

I have trained in martial arts for 14 years and I am a Master in Taekwondo. Additionally I have experience in other martial arts and a black belt in Hapkido. My experience in the field has allowed me to pass my love for the sport down to others as an instructor. Personally I believe that martial arts are an excellent sport because they teach self control and discipline in addition to balance, athleticism, and flexibility. They are found in countless countries around the world, and are practiced by a diverse set of people, so I have done my best to represent a diverse set of students. I have included many martial arts weapons, including Nunchaku, Bo staffs, Sais, Tonfa, and Katana.

"Dojo" is the term most people think of when they think of martial arts. However that's a Japanese term and martial arts are a global phenomenon. I wanted my model to be representative of all martial arts so I opted to choose an inclusive term.

I tried to make the model a gorgeous display piece, while also allowing it to be used for kids to play as if they're training at the school themselves. I hope you enjoy!

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